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Archaeologic discoveries : Giant Human Skeletons – Pre Flood Remnants?

There continues to be more and more discoveries of Giant Human Skeletons.

Not only were there Giant Humans, there is also evidence that humans and dinosaurs co-existed!  (see other videos)

These facts seem to contradict the theory of evolution.    Man is getting smaller and dumber (as oposed to bigger and smarter).

Prior to the flood, all creatures lived longer and grew bigger – even trees.

After the Flood, conditions on the Earth changed such that it could no longer support Giant Life forms.

Dinosaus and Giant Humans only existed in the pre flood world.  They were burried rapidly by the flood and preserved as fossils so that we could find them today.  Large forests were also burried in the flood giving rise to massive coal seems.

The flood of Noah was bigger than any sunami in history and covered the whole Earth.  It took over 12 months for the land to dry up.  Most of the water came from within the Earth. (Subterranean reservoirs.)

When the Subterranean reservoirs were released onto the surface of the Earth at the time of the Flood, the Earth’s crust buckled up and down forming mountains and valleys. The water ran into the valleys which became seas and great canyons were carved in the soft sedemetary layers that were deposited during the 12 months that the waters covered the Earth.

Oxygen levels and atmospheric pressure fell after the Flood and the larger animals were not able to survive.

Dr Nigel Hawkins


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